Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Loves

It's been a while since our last Weekly Love.
Not having power makes it hard to post.
So Let's call this biweekly loves this week.
  • Shopping Days with my Momma ~ a new purse and shoes = good day
  • I've almost finished my dress for graduation!! :)
  • Movie Days with my best friend Macy....
  • New Follower: Hannah! :) (btw, Hannah if you're still interested in guest blogging for me then please email me at
  • Knowing people are reading :)
  • Having Power and A Home and Clothes and Water and all those things that a lot of people don't have right now.
  • Coughing my lungs out/being sick....not...
  • Almost done with school! Hello Senior Year!!
That about wraps it up.
Remember, I'm still needing guest bloggers for the 26-30, if anyone is interested then you can get more information at Guest of Honor
Keep Reading.
Ya'll are dolls,
Talk to you soon,

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