Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Join Me!

Hello my lovelies!
Happy Tuesday!
I'm sure all of ya'll are probablly already members but I'd like to invite you to join me on Rue La La
I haven't actually bought anything from here but I love looking.
Amazing sales! I'm talking more than 50%.
But it's members only.
So I'm inviting you.

Also I'd like to share some pictures from Nationals
The Gang
(L-R: 1st Row: Ryland, Garrett, Alan, Joey, Me, Taylor. 2nd Row: Dylan, Daddy, Ethan and Trace)
Me and my Daddy :)
My wondeful Parents.
This was a really cool statue in the hotel.
I like to say this picture is pretty sweet.

I'd also like to share a picture of where I burnt my hand today :(
It hurts. Like Bad.
Still does

Thats what I get for grabbing a pan right out of the oven.
I never learn.
Have a great evening.
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

6th in the Nation

Hello Dolls
Well its offical.
My 6th year of Scholar's Bowl is over.
Only one more left.
We went 4-6 yesterday in prelims going into the Small School Nationals with one loss.
We started today againist Woodstock.
Won that pretty handely
Then we played Rocky Grove - the team we beat for 3rd place last year.
Won that too.
Then we placed South Range.
I was nervous because this was the team that one the whole thing last year.
But we really whipped tail on this one.
Following that we played Danville.
We lost by two questions :(
Being put out of the tournament.
We tied for 6th Place.
And I'm sure none of you care because ya'll probably don't have a clue or a care what Scholar's Bowl is.
But none the less, I'm proud of my team.
I'm losing my team though.
Taylor, Joey and Garrett have graduated.
They played their last games of high school scholar's bowl.
So out of our orginal starting Nationals team from when I was a freshman (Nathan, Anthony, Kerry, Payton, Joey, Garrett, Taylor and Myself) The rest have all graduated.
So, next year, it's my turn.
Me and my freshman.
Its going to be a lot of work but I'm ready.
Talk to you soon,
Oh, I have passed a thousand views! How amazing! Ya'll are so wonderful.
Thanks for reading. You have no idea how much this makes my day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest Blog: Life's Little Steps

So one of my FAVORITE bloggers ever, Miss Brooke from Love, Brooke has agreed to do a wonderful guest post on how she decided Mississippi State was for her.
If you don't follow Brooke's blog, then you are seriously missing out.
  If I were to shut my eyes back in high school, I would only see art school. I had dreamt up this perfect little life nine hours away from this sleepy little town. I had made plans to study at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and there was absolutely no stopping me. I had no interest in schools with football teams, sorority houses, or college bars. I just wanted to go somewhere that would give me the future I wanted. I had no idea that all of those plans would change in the blink of an eye.

I remember walking through the college fair in the Scottsboro High School gym thinking of how pointless it was for me to be there. I remember seeing the lines at University of Alabama and Auburn being outrageous. Then, there was a lonely little table toward the back--Mississippi State University. I literally felt bad for the man standing there. I approached him and began to listen to his speech on the school. But, I was so excited about every thing he was telling me. My heart skipped a few beats at the idea of getting a degree in Fashion and having all the fun in the world.

I remember being accepted. I remember the maroon and white packet arriving in the mail. I remember my very first trip to Starkville. I remember falling in love with the buildings, the dorms, the people. I remember being completely and totally torn between the two schools.

Looking back now, I see why I held on to SCAD for so long. I felt like I had no hope at being someone wonderful unless I got an education from them. I would cry myself to sleep thinking about how hard it would be to live that far away and completely devoting myself to the pursuit of art. I wasn’t ready for SCAD. But actually, maybe SCAD just wasn’t ready for me.
I’ve never been more happy with life. I truly can say that I’ve found a home at Mississippi State University. I’ve fallen in love with the clinging of a cowbell and the big white Delta Gamma house on sorority row. I’m doing so much and bettering myself and my future more and more every day. I look forward to walking to class every single day. I’m completely and totally in love with where I am and what I am doing.

College is a huge decision. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. But, maybe we shouldn’t be choosing it--maybe we should let it choose us.
I'd like to thank Brooke for doing this for me.
Remember to go check out her blog if you want more.
We have play all day today. Hopefully, We'll make it into play-offs.
(Side note well this was all written before I left...if I have internet expect updates if not on here then twitter for sure @meghandennis)
Talk to you soon,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Checking In

Hello lovelies!
I was shocked to find out that I actually have wi-fi right now.
So thought I'd check in.
We got to Atlanta very very late last night.
Like past midnight.
I was far from happy.
Stupid trees on the stupid train tracks.
Today we woke up late and then went to Centennial Park and walked around.
After that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe.
It was good.
After that we went back to the hotel and went to the pool.
Later we had practice rounds and then got a late dinner from DQ.
Then Taylor and I spent fourteen billion years waiting on an elevator.
I met some guys from Vegas so that was kind of sweet.
Now we're back in the room.
I'm probably heading to bed soon.
Got to get up early.
Talk to you soon,

Guest Blog: Summer Skin

Hey My Dolls!
I'm still in Atlanta but enjoy this fabulous guest blog by Hannah from WholeHeartedly Hannah.
See ya'll soon!

As the end of May inches closer and closer, we are heading into the absolute hottest monthes of the year. All the sweat, heat, and sun can really take a toll on your skin, so it is essential to take extra good care of it during this time of year!
The skin on our face is some of the most delicate on our entire body, and probably the part people worry about the most. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra attention to its care.
In the morning, start off with a gentle cleanser. As you sleep at night, you are essentially rubbing your face against a pillow for eight hours, so it is smart to wash all of that away in the morning. This is especially true if you tend to touch your face as you sleep. (i.e. hands under your cheek).
I like to use Liquid Neutrogena to wash my face in the morning.
Then, before you apply your makeup, you'll want to apply some sort of moisturizer. This will not only help your makeup go on smoother, but will also replace moisture that is lost through sun exposure, washing, swimming, etc. If you are going to be outside for long periods of time, your moisturizer should have an SPF.
I use Garnier Nutriste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV Lotion- SPF 15
If you won't be exposed to the sun much, something lighter would be appropriate.
I use Garnier Nutriste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream, as it feels light and fresh on my face
After a long day, what you use to take off your makeup is just as important as what you put on before you apply it. After removing your eye makeup, it is important to take just as much care in removing foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, etc. from your face.
Cold creams like this one from Ponds work really well for this
(Bed Bath and Beyond's store brand also makes a similiar product that works great for this purpose!)
Then, either before during or after your shower, you should wash your face with the same gentle cleanser you used in the morning, to clean away any dirt or oil that may have collected throughout the day.
If you have any breakouts or acne, you may want to use a cleanser with salycylic acid in it at night. This will help to dry up and heal any zits you may have.
Loreal's Go 360 Clean line includes an acne clearing wash that is both gentle and effective.
Every so often (about once a week or so), it is important to exfoliate your face to remove dead skin and cells and reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath.
St. Ive's Apricot Scrub is a must-have for keeping your skin fresh and glowing.
Also, every few weeks (or even weekly if you want!) it is nice to do a mask on your face. If you're broken out, a mint mask is a great for drying out and clearing up acne. Because it sits on your face longer than a regular cleanser, a mask will have more time to penetrate the skin.
I like to use this mint mask from CVS:
Thankfully, skincare for your body is usually much less complicated than for your face. I recommend using any kind of body that exfoliates or contains beads, as these will help remove dirt and sweat from your skin. Unlike facial cleansers, these can be used everyday, as the skin on your body is generally not as sensitive as on your face. Also, picking washes in with clean, natural scents will help your skin feel fresh and clean!
Clean and Clear Morning Burst Body Wash has bursting beads and comes in 3 fruity scents: pomegranate and orange zest, mango and papaya, and wildberry and guava.

Have a Fabulous Summer!

I personally adore Hannah's blog and I'm sure you will too.
So make sure to check her out at WholeHeartedly Hannah
Wish us luck, we start play tomorrow at 8AM.
Talk to you soon,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post: Weddings

Hi Dolls! I am currently on the way to Atlanta but have no fear, my blog will not go unatteneded while I'm gone.
So here for you is my first guest blog post!

Prince William & Catherine Middleton’s recent nuptial, which is also one of the most popular royal weddings, made every woman in the world dream about what their own weddings would look like, non-stop! Some even blog about it. And I didn’t escape the spell either. When I heard about this “dream come true” wedding—a grand marriage of a commoner and a prince, I can’t help but imagine how my wedding would be. And here are the dream bubbles that popped in my head:
Definitely, I want to be married to a guy as cute as these: Celeb Crushes
 Oh and my ultimate crush:
I don’t want a televised wedding like Prince William and Kate’s. I want a solemn one, a very intimate matrimony. I want few people to be there—our family and closest friends. I just want to whisper to my future husband how much I love him, I don’t want to shout it.
Something like this will be perfect:
A beach wedding will also be perfect! I want to walk the aisle barefooted!
I just don’t want the theme color in this picture. It looks like an eighteen year old woman’s debut, not a wedding. I want a black and white theme for my wedding and I want the best wedding planners designer I know to put up my wedding: the nightingales. Their weddings blew me away.

Lastly, I want to create something like this in the beach. Then, there will be small boats on the sides of this pathway where our family and close friends will sit and watch us as we give ourselves to each other completely.

How about you? What’s your dream wedding?

Czyka Tumaliuan is a full-time mother, writer, frustrated artist and a foodie. She plays volleyball to keep fit and sees joy in cooking for her family. She works as a writer, specializing in the arts, music, literature, food and promotional items.
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

!!100th Post!!

It's hard to believe it but I've reached 100 Posts!!
I've gone through my whole Junior Year in these 100 posts.
This is crazy and I love it.
I started this blog just as something fun.
I never thought I'd actually have people reading.
I thought I'd stop long before I'd reach 100 posts but thats not the case.
How exciting.
Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Happy Tuesday Dolls!
What a busy day it's been.
  • I had my first senior meeting today!!!
  • I leave Thursday (THURSDAY!) for Nationals!!!
  • I feel like I've been hit by a bus.
  • Sweet Southern Prep is having a give away that I really want to win Sweet Southern Prep Giveaway
  • I have a serious addiction to twitter right now
  • I can't decided if I want to bring my facebook back or not.
  • My birthday is in 5 weeks!
  • I have a final at 8:30 Thursday morning (shoot me now please) that I really just don't want to take.
  • Only a half day tomorrow.
  • I made homemade sugar cookies for my anatomy class today just because
Yeah, that's about all happening in my life.
It's kind random.
Kinda boring.
But yeah.
Oh and again if you said you'd guest blog for me and are still willing to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email (meghand14@hotmail.com) me your post by no later than like 8:00PM tomorrow (Wednesday May 25, 2011) evening.
Thanks for always reading!
Love ya'll!
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Loves

What A Busy Week It's Been.
But it's been fun.
To sum up my weekly loves this week
  • No more AP US History!!! Thank the Lord! I took my AP test Wednesday and I'm done done done!
  • My little brother got inducted into the Middle School Honor Society. He may be an annoying twit but I'm still proud of him
  • I'm officially a Senior!!!
  • My two senior best friends graduated yesterday
Me and Emily
May 21st, 2011
Me and Brook
I look very dumb in this picture...just ignor me..
But Graduation was very good.
  • I was a personal page for Mrs. Green, the exective director to the DAR at our school for both Friday and Saturday. It was a very long two days but it was fun.
  • Saturday night, I worked the Alumni Baquent. I got to work the head table so I felt pretty important.
  • And after I got done serving, I got to sit in the back and talk to Taku, Gavin and Justen. To quote my twitter status #boysinpinkshirtsmakemeswoon. But I'll just leave it up to you to know who I'm talking about.
All in all, really good week.
I hope everyone else's was as well.
oh and very big note.
As I have shared, I leave Thursday for Nationals and I have plans to have guest blogs set up while I'm gone.
If you have contacted me saying you'll be willing to guest blog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me your post no later than Wednesday night so I can get it ready to go before I leave.
Cheers dolls and as always,
Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we're eighty?"

Sex and the City.
We all know the show.
We all know the imfamous Carrie Bradshaw.
But what about Carrie before she met Samantha, Miranda and Charolette? 
Let me introduce you to:

The Carrie Diaries
The story of Carrie Bradshaw - the Connetticut Girl just trying to find a boyfriend, make her father happy and become a writter.
If you love Sex and the City.
Read this book.
I have to say it's AMAZING and I am planning on ordering the sequel Summer and the City (where we meet both Samantha and Miranda for the first time) very soon.
Happy Tuesday Dolls!
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Past, Present, Future

Hello lovelies!
Happy Sunday.
I just came to a very large realization.
This time next Sunday, I'll be a senior in the class of 2012.
holy crap.
That's crazy.
To quote one of my favorite tv shows,
"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?" - Meredith Grey
And at this point in my life, it couldn't seem more true.
It seems like it was just yesterday I was the little girl standing in my ballarinia outfit in the kitchen for no reason

or hanging with my two best friends at Tiny Tots

 or the Princess all dressed up to go trick-or-treating with the redhaired batman
But that's not the case
in less than a month, I'll be 17.
In less than a week, I'll be a senior
Everyone says it's one of the most exciting times of you're life.
And I'll agree.
But it's also one of the scariest times I've ever faced.
 The future is a mystery.
And that's ok.
"I've heard that it's possible to grow up - I've just never met anyone who's actually done it. Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves. We throw tantrums when things don't go our way, we whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark, we look for comfort where we can find it, and we hope - against all logic, against all experience. Like children, we never give up hope..."- Meredith Grey
I like this quote.
I think it sums it all up perfectly.
So I may be going to a new stage in my life where a lot is unknown but at the end of the day,
I know I'll still be that little girl.

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Month and Counting

As of 12:21AM on May 14, 2011, it is exactly 1 month until my 17th Birthday!
In light of that, I'd like to share my birthday wishlist:

AT&T iPhone in White

Lilly Pulitzer Gift Card because there is just to much I like to show
Ray-ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses
A Fabulous Party
If someone wanted to be so kind to make this happen...well I wouldn't complain.
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changing My Point Of View

Recently, I've come to the fact some dreams of mine might be changing.
Let me paint the scene for you.
At school, for graduation, there is a list of juniors that get picked to "page" for the DAR Ladies that come to the awards day and graduation.
Yesterday, I found out I was going to be one. I was very excited about this.
Another big thing is that the top 3 Juniors get the honor of carrying in the flags( American, State of Alabama and National DAR Flags) at Graduation.
As of right now, I have taken two AP classes: Chemistery last year as a sophomore and AP US History as a Junior.
I am the only Junior who has taken any AP classes.
We get a grade bump because of this.
I thought due to the fact I have all As and am the only one to have taken AP classes, then I must be number one.
I had worked my butt off, thinking I was.
But no.
This is not the case.
I'm not number one, or two or three.
No, I'm 6th.
I was very very upset about this.
I'll admit it, I cried when I got home.
Was it stupid and petty?
Am I still kind of mad about it?
Yeah, a little.
Do I understand why?
Nope not one bit.
 But, I can't change it.
No matter how much I'd love too.
So after I cried and got my feelings out, I've taken time to reexamin things.
I'm going to keep working my butt off.
I'm also going to step back and maybe change my plans.
My plan has always been, be number one and head off to Alabama.
But maybe, that's not how it's supose to be.
So, I'm going to try another way.
Four times, I've taken the ACT. 
The First time was in April of my sophomore year, my score: 27
2nd time, September of Junior Year, my score: 28
3rd Time, Feburary of my Junior Year, my score: 27
4th time, April of my Junior Year, my score: 28.
At that point in April, I was through, I felt that I wasn't smart enought to do any better so why bother trying again.
But now that I've decided to open my options to more.
Well I know I have to get my math score up from a 24 to at least a 27. No question in that.
A 30 will get me full tution at Alabama. A 32 full everything.
But is Alabama where I really want to go?
Or is it just because it's where my family has always told me I wanted to go?
I recently encourtered that question and the fact is, I don't know.
I had always planned on Alabama because that's where everyone on my mother's side of the family went.
It's where they all told me I was going.
But maybe I should look somewhere else.
I've looked at other schools (BSC, Vandy) but not with an open mind.
Maybe I should check out some of the schools that really seem to want me.
Ole Miss emails me all the time.
and I'm getting things daily from Mississippi State.
And right now, well it doesnt seem like Alabama wants me to bad.
Maybe I should look at these schools that seem to want me.
In the end, I know it will work out exactly how its suppose too.
It may see really fuzzy right now but I know there's a plan, the doors might be closed, but I know if I look hard enough, a window is open.
For now all I can do is kick ass and take names.
I adore you all.
Thanks for always reading.
Knowing ya'll are reading really makes my day!
Talk to you soon,

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Dress Magic

Hello Dolls!
Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a good day!
If you might recall, I have been making a dress in fashion class.
This is said dress
I think I've done a very good job!
There's a v-neck slit on it too but you can't see it too well.
I'd even be willing to make a custom dress for ya'll for a fairly good price. (contact me if interested)
But to go along with this dress I need shoes!
By next Friday!
So I'm calling on any Fashion Divas I have out there!
I need white shoes (prefered sandals) to go with this dress for $30 or less.
If you can help PLEASE PLEASE Do!
And in other news, I just found out Pretty Little Liars comes back on, on my 17th Birthday, June 14th :)
How exciting!
I'm still in need for Guest Bloggers May 26-30.
Well, almost time for Make It or Break It
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day

To all those wonderful Mothers out there I hope you've had an amazing day.
And to my own Amazing Mother,
I love you so so so much!
Thank you for everything you do! Whether it be buying me things or being there to talk or just being your crazy self I know you'll always be there for me!
Thank you for everything!
I love you!
Have a fabulous day!
Talk to you soon,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Loves

It's been a while since our last Weekly Love.
Not having power makes it hard to post.
So Let's call this biweekly loves this week.
  • Shopping Days with my Momma ~ a new purse and shoes = good day
  • I've almost finished my dress for graduation!! :)
  • Movie Days with my best friend Macy....
  • New Follower: Hannah! :) (btw, Hannah if you're still interested in guest blogging for me then please email me at meghand14@hotmail.com)
  • Knowing people are reading :)
  • Having Power and A Home and Clothes and Water and all those things that a lot of people don't have right now.
  • Coughing my lungs out/being sick....not...
  • Almost done with school! Hello Senior Year!!
That about wraps it up.
Remember, I'm still needing guest bloggers for the 26-30, if anyone is interested then you can get more information at Guest of Honor
Keep Reading.
Ya'll are dolls,
Talk to you soon,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dashboard Loves

So a while back, I did a post on my favorite blogs (Blah Blogs? I Don't Think So.)
And while XOXO, Emelie, Let's Be Preppy, College Prep, Love, Brooke and Ciara's World are still my top 5 favs I'd like to share some of my other favorite blogs I read.
  • Analyze This ~ A Blog written by a girl named Aly, it's so cute. I especially love the posts on here new home. And her background...just wonderful
  • Bless Your Heart ~ this blog is cute. Very Fashiony. Very Fabulous. A Must Read.
  • Classy from North to South ~ Written by a college-aged redhead named Jordan, this blog is a little random but I have to say I adore it.
  • Sweet Southern Prep - a very recent (like two days ago) find. This blog is cute.
  • Hey, Hey Holly - another recent find, I love this blog. I spend all Monday going back and reading every post. Holly is a blonde chica from New Mexico transplanted into the South at that school. (auburn for those who don't know Meghan Speak)
So in all honesty, this probably wasnt my best post but I still thought I'd share some of my dashboard dolls.
I'm hoping to go job hunting this weekend ~ Wish Me Luck!
Also, if anyone knows of anyone hiring in Scottsboro area let me know!
Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold, Wet And Rainy...

So, I'm extra bored and being a not so great student right now.
Instead of working on my english project/making flash cards for a vocab test/studying for my AP History Test,
I'm watching Pregnant in Heels (these ladies are divas and I love it), spending way to much time on twitter (so I thought it was dumb at first but I'm falling in love with it) and cleaning my room.
Well at least one out of three is productive.
I blame the rain on my lack of will power....sure...that works.
I should get at least something done before I go see Prom with Macy in a bit...
We'll see....
I'm still looking for guest bloggers.
I know you're reading and for that I feel you should take some time and guest blog for me.
I'd love love love it and you for it.
Welp...guess that about sums it up.
If anyone has any ideas for posts please share.
Lots of Love.
Talk to you soon,

Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Look Out

Hello Dolls,
I hope everyone is having a fab Monday.
I didn't have school and Make It or Break It is on tonight...Good Monday!
But I digress,
Since I will not be going to the University of Alabama (#WeAreAlabama, Prayers for T-town) this summer, I am now looking for a job.
If anyone knows of anyone hiring in Scottsboro, Alabama that is not fast food PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!
Also, I'm looking for guest bloggers for when I go to the ATL for Nationals in May.
If anyone would be interested please let me know! (for more information see: Guest of Honor)

Thanks for always reading,
Comments Make My Day.
Followers Make My Week.
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 1, 2011


No matter who you are or where you're from you've heard about the devistation that effected the State of Alabama last Wednesday.
My heart hurts to know so many many people are at a lose right now.
My wonderful, wonderful Tuscaloosa is at a loss.
Whether you are an Alabama fan or not, please take the time to watch this video.
It shows you just how much these people need our help and prayers.
One of the Trends on twitter really touched me:
We Will get through this.
It may take some time, but we will pull through.

I love you all.
Stay safe in the days to come.
Keep our great state in your prayers as we try to move on and rebuilt
We are Resilient.
Forever and always
Roll Tide!
Talk to you soon,