Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Dress Magic

Hello Dolls!
Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a good day!
If you might recall, I have been making a dress in fashion class.
This is said dress
I think I've done a very good job!
There's a v-neck slit on it too but you can't see it too well.
I'd even be willing to make a custom dress for ya'll for a fairly good price. (contact me if interested)
But to go along with this dress I need shoes!
By next Friday!
So I'm calling on any Fashion Divas I have out there!
I need white shoes (prefered sandals) to go with this dress for $30 or less.
If you can help PLEASE PLEASE Do!
And in other news, I just found out Pretty Little Liars comes back on, on my 17th Birthday, June 14th :)
How exciting!
I'm still in need for Guest Bloggers May 26-30.
Well, almost time for Make It or Break It
Talk to you soon,


  1. Where did you learn to sew?! I wa

  2. Well my grandomother was a home ec teacher and always made me things and then she helped me make a jumper for 4H back in 4th grade so I've known the basics for a while but then most of this I just picked up in Fashion this year. It's really easy, as my teacher says "if you can drive a car then you can sew" because it's just about following the lines

  3. Ah I'm jealous!! Hopefully I'll learn next year in Fashion!!