Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post: Weddings

Hi Dolls! I am currently on the way to Atlanta but have no fear, my blog will not go unatteneded while I'm gone.
So here for you is my first guest blog post!

Prince William & Catherine Middleton’s recent nuptial, which is also one of the most popular royal weddings, made every woman in the world dream about what their own weddings would look like, non-stop! Some even blog about it. And I didn’t escape the spell either. When I heard about this “dream come true” wedding—a grand marriage of a commoner and a prince, I can’t help but imagine how my wedding would be. And here are the dream bubbles that popped in my head:
Definitely, I want to be married to a guy as cute as these: Celeb Crushes
 Oh and my ultimate crush:
I don’t want a televised wedding like Prince William and Kate’s. I want a solemn one, a very intimate matrimony. I want few people to be there—our family and closest friends. I just want to whisper to my future husband how much I love him, I don’t want to shout it.
Something like this will be perfect:
A beach wedding will also be perfect! I want to walk the aisle barefooted!
I just don’t want the theme color in this picture. It looks like an eighteen year old woman’s debut, not a wedding. I want a black and white theme for my wedding and I want the best wedding planners designer I know to put up my wedding: the nightingales. Their weddings blew me away.

Lastly, I want to create something like this in the beach. Then, there will be small boats on the sides of this pathway where our family and close friends will sit and watch us as we give ourselves to each other completely.

How about you? What’s your dream wedding?

Czyka Tumaliuan is a full-time mother, writer, frustrated artist and a foodie. She plays volleyball to keep fit and sees joy in cooking for her family. She works as a writer, specializing in the arts, music, literature, food and promotional items.
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