Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold, Wet And Rainy...

So, I'm extra bored and being a not so great student right now.
Instead of working on my english project/making flash cards for a vocab test/studying for my AP History Test,
I'm watching Pregnant in Heels (these ladies are divas and I love it), spending way to much time on twitter (so I thought it was dumb at first but I'm falling in love with it) and cleaning my room.
Well at least one out of three is productive.
I blame the rain on my lack of will power....sure...that works.
I should get at least something done before I go see Prom with Macy in a bit...
We'll see....
I'm still looking for guest bloggers.
I know you're reading and for that I feel you should take some time and guest blog for me.
I'd love love love it and you for it.
Welp...guess that about sums it up.
If anyone has any ideas for posts please share.
Lots of Love.
Talk to you soon,


  1. Oh Oh Oh!! You have to post on Prom!! I want to see that so bad!! I will gladly guest blog for you one day! I could post on my blog that you're looking for guest bloggers, too! I bet that would help!

  2. Oh definatly can do! And I would LOVE for you to guest blog and if you'd be willing to post on your blog I'd love it :)