Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas My Dear Readers!

Merry Christmas My Dear Dear Readers!
I hope Santa was good to you all!
I'll share all my goodies later, but I'm to lazy to find my camera right now.
Love ya'll!
Keep reading!

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me

Hello My Lovely Readers!!!
I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas!
Only 4 Days left!!!
I can thank Pintrest for truly getting me into the Holiday Spirit with pictures like this:
I know it's awful but this is so great on so many levels.
Someone is having a great Christmas.
This is ridic. And not the good kind but I had to share.
This is a dream Meghan tree.
And I'd really love to wake up to this on Sunday Morning.

I still have a little shopping left but I'm mostly done.
Hope everyone else is doing grand!
And to any Jewish Readers I have out there,
Happy Hanukkah!

Love ya'll!
Stay blessed!
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keep Calm

Hi guys and gals!
I feel completely terrible for my lack of posts in the last month.
I'd say I've been so busy and all that but I'm trying to not make excuses.
Let's just say I've been uninspired and haven't made the time to blog.
I'll try to get better.
No promises though.

So I'm sure we're all familiar with this poster:

And if you're on pinterest (If you're not and want to be hit me up! I'll gladly invite you!) I'm sure you've seen all the modified ones.
In light of that, I'd like to find the Keep Calm posters that I think apply to me.

I bake, I eat, I bake, I eat...
Dies is make anyone else feel better?
My first love
Life motto
I love bows, I just never actually wear them...
Am I the only one who misses Gilmore Girls?

If you've read my blog at all, you'll understand how these apply.
Now for a few that apply very recently

Just 3 more days and as many finals and I am done with this semester!

Almost there... almost there!

Oh and this one
Rematch Baby!

Love my readers!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flash to the Past

Hello loves!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend.
As we are aware of, yesterday was Vetern's Day. For that I'd like to say thank you to the many men (and a few women) in my family who have served; I love you all and to everyone else who has served or is thinking of, I thank you all!
Also yesterday was what some called the luckiest day of the year which won't happen for another century: 11/11/11. 
While many were out doing what ever they were doing to be lucky, I was taking a trip back to the 1920s.
Yesterday my good friend, Nick had his murder mystery birthday party.
It was so much fun.
This was the whole group.
Back Row: Garrett, Juan, Derek, Robert and Skylar
Front: Amber, Brianna, Morgan, Jana, Me, Joe, Mackayla and Gordy
Floor: Nick

Nick's cake
Me, Skylar, Morgan and Mackayla
These girls right here are my best friends
The Boys
(Clockwise: Joe, Robert, Gordy, Nick, Garrett and Derek)
Favorite couple like ever. Love these two.

If you can't tell, I had a ton of fun.
It's hard to believe that in 189 days, I won't see these guys at least 5 days a week.
Time to make the memories last.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Talk to you soon,

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Most Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Week ever.

Hello Lovelies.
Sorry I've been MIA the past couple weeks.
It's been a very very very long week.
I'd love to explain but it goes into things I'm not allowed to talk about it.
Let's just say that I was the most hated person in the senior class at the beginning of the week but it's slowly... and I do mean slowly getting slightly better....
Hopefully that'll turn around real soon.
None the less, it's finally the weekend! 
And not just any weekend.
It's the biggest gameday weekend in recent history.
What everyone is calling "the real national championship"
Alabama vs LSU

I'm so excited!
7pm you'll find me parked in front of the tv.

Have a fabulous weekend and ROLL TIDE!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Four-Day Weekend

Good evening fabulous, amazing people who read this!
I hope everyone has a totally awesome, totally amazing week!
Mine has been pretty good.
I had school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but Today and yesterday I was out for "fall break" also known as a four-day weekend.
Although can't say I get to enjoy it too much.
I have the English project from hell on Madame Bovary. 53 questions with 1-2 paragraphs on each. Joy.
But on a much happier note, I got a new phone today!!!
The Samsung Solstice II 
I'm enjoying it.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.
Ready to see my Tide go a Rollin'.
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Give 'em Hell Alabama

Roll Tide.
Talk to you soon,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Announcement We've All Been Waiting For

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on the Facebook, You already know the answer to this but none the less, I'd like to share that I have decided on where I am attending college.
Drum Roll

I have decided to attended the University of Alabama!
I'm so excited by my choice!
(P.S. if you're looking for a roommate and think we might be good matches hit me up!)

I've been an Alabama fan by birth and will be following my Momma, my Daddy, my Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Janie, Uncle Tom, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Sarah down the great University I've always known.

Roll Tide Forever and Always!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Announcing an Announcement

Howdy Ya'll!
I hope ya'll have had fabulous weeks.
Mine has been so busy.
I was a personal page for my last ever Dedication Day (I could try to explain it but you'd never understand -- its a DAR thing)
I had the sweetest lady though, Mrs. Bettie Johnson from Mississippi.

Anyways, Dedication Day was not what I wanted to share about.
I have much more important things to share.
Like the fact I've decided that I know exactly where I want to go to college.
And that school

Will be announced During The Alabama @ Ole Miss Game tomorrow around 6PM.

At least this means a new post!

Love ya'll!
Keep reading and remember comments make my day!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, October 7, 2011

We Got Spirit Yes We Do! We Got Spirit! How 'Bout You?

Hello Gals and Gents!
I hope everyone has had an AMAZING WEEK!!!
I know mine has been!
As I previously reported it was Homecoming Week for the DAR Patriots!
Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Hippy Day but I did for Thursday and Friday

So Thursday was Disney Day.
The Cast of Toy Story Showed Up.
From left to Right: Jesse (Mackayla), Woody (Joe), Andy (Mrs. Cooper), Buzz (Nick), Hamm (Me) and Mrs. Potato Head (Skylar)

Fighting over space in the toy box.

Rex (Jana) finally showed up

Completely typical for both of them. 
Love these two.

Following school we had the homecoming parade
Senior Homecoming Float right there.
So that was Thursday.

Now let's talk about Friday!!!
The Senior Class met at 6:30 this morning to decorate the Senior Hallway

Love ya'll to pieces!
Senior Sign

Lunch was its normal peppy fun
 Adore these two girls!
 Typical Mackayla
 Typical Haley.
 Nick is a Diva
Love this girl!

This afternoon, 8th period, we had our last high school homecoming pep rally
Needless to say we went out with a bang
 Roughly 100 of the 130 Seniors crammed into a very tiny hallway waiting for our blackout rave
 The juniors thought they'd be cute and take our spots while we held our senior rave in the middle of the court.
Didn't happen.
But we still made signs.
Even though you can't tell mine had polka dots.
It was cute.
 This was Joe in the ugly walk. I really wish this was a better picture

The word that we lost the football game just came in.
I'm not suprised.
I still love my school and my senior class!
As soon as I find a video of our blackout rave, I'll post that.
I'm off to Tuscaloosa tomorrow for the game so as always I'll

Talk to you soon,