Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Happy Tuesday Dolls!
What a busy day it's been.
  • I had my first senior meeting today!!!
  • I leave Thursday (THURSDAY!) for Nationals!!!
  • I feel like I've been hit by a bus.
  • Sweet Southern Prep is having a give away that I really want to win Sweet Southern Prep Giveaway
  • I have a serious addiction to twitter right now
  • I can't decided if I want to bring my facebook back or not.
  • My birthday is in 5 weeks!
  • I have a final at 8:30 Thursday morning (shoot me now please) that I really just don't want to take.
  • Only a half day tomorrow.
  • I made homemade sugar cookies for my anatomy class today just because
Yeah, that's about all happening in my life.
It's kind random.
Kinda boring.
But yeah.
Oh and again if you said you'd guest blog for me and are still willing to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email (meghand14@hotmail.com) me your post by no later than like 8:00PM tomorrow (Wednesday May 25, 2011) evening.
Thanks for always reading!
Love ya'll!
Talk to you soon,

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