Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Loves

What A Busy Week It's Been.
But it's been fun.
To sum up my weekly loves this week
  • No more AP US History!!! Thank the Lord! I took my AP test Wednesday and I'm done done done!
  • My little brother got inducted into the Middle School Honor Society. He may be an annoying twit but I'm still proud of him
  • I'm officially a Senior!!!
  • My two senior best friends graduated yesterday
Me and Emily
May 21st, 2011
Me and Brook
I look very dumb in this picture...just ignor me..
But Graduation was very good.
  • I was a personal page for Mrs. Green, the exective director to the DAR at our school for both Friday and Saturday. It was a very long two days but it was fun.
  • Saturday night, I worked the Alumni Baquent. I got to work the head table so I felt pretty important.
  • And after I got done serving, I got to sit in the back and talk to Taku, Gavin and Justen. To quote my twitter status #boysinpinkshirtsmakemeswoon. But I'll just leave it up to you to know who I'm talking about.
All in all, really good week.
I hope everyone else's was as well.
oh and very big note.
As I have shared, I leave Thursday for Nationals and I have plans to have guest blogs set up while I'm gone.
If you have contacted me saying you'll be willing to guest blog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me your post no later than Wednesday night so I can get it ready to go before I leave.
Cheers dolls and as always,
Talk to you soon,

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