Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Join Me!

Hello my lovelies!
Happy Tuesday!
I'm sure all of ya'll are probablly already members but I'd like to invite you to join me on Rue La La
I haven't actually bought anything from here but I love looking.
Amazing sales! I'm talking more than 50%.
But it's members only.
So I'm inviting you.

Also I'd like to share some pictures from Nationals
The Gang
(L-R: 1st Row: Ryland, Garrett, Alan, Joey, Me, Taylor. 2nd Row: Dylan, Daddy, Ethan and Trace)
Me and my Daddy :)
My wondeful Parents.
This was a really cool statue in the hotel.
I like to say this picture is pretty sweet.

I'd also like to share a picture of where I burnt my hand today :(
It hurts. Like Bad.
Still does

Thats what I get for grabbing a pan right out of the oven.
I never learn.
Have a great evening.
Talk to you soon,

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