Sunday, May 29, 2011

6th in the Nation

Hello Dolls
Well its offical.
My 6th year of Scholar's Bowl is over.
Only one more left.
We went 4-6 yesterday in prelims going into the Small School Nationals with one loss.
We started today againist Woodstock.
Won that pretty handely
Then we played Rocky Grove - the team we beat for 3rd place last year.
Won that too.
Then we placed South Range.
I was nervous because this was the team that one the whole thing last year.
But we really whipped tail on this one.
Following that we played Danville.
We lost by two questions :(
Being put out of the tournament.
We tied for 6th Place.
And I'm sure none of you care because ya'll probably don't have a clue or a care what Scholar's Bowl is.
But none the less, I'm proud of my team.
I'm losing my team though.
Taylor, Joey and Garrett have graduated.
They played their last games of high school scholar's bowl.
So out of our orginal starting Nationals team from when I was a freshman (Nathan, Anthony, Kerry, Payton, Joey, Garrett, Taylor and Myself) The rest have all graduated.
So, next year, it's my turn.
Me and my freshman.
Its going to be a lot of work but I'm ready.
Talk to you soon,
Oh, I have passed a thousand views! How amazing! Ya'll are so wonderful.
Thanks for reading. You have no idea how much this makes my day.

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