Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest Blog: Life's Little Steps

So one of my FAVORITE bloggers ever, Miss Brooke from Love, Brooke has agreed to do a wonderful guest post on how she decided Mississippi State was for her.
If you don't follow Brooke's blog, then you are seriously missing out.
  If I were to shut my eyes back in high school, I would only see art school. I had dreamt up this perfect little life nine hours away from this sleepy little town. I had made plans to study at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and there was absolutely no stopping me. I had no interest in schools with football teams, sorority houses, or college bars. I just wanted to go somewhere that would give me the future I wanted. I had no idea that all of those plans would change in the blink of an eye.

I remember walking through the college fair in the Scottsboro High School gym thinking of how pointless it was for me to be there. I remember seeing the lines at University of Alabama and Auburn being outrageous. Then, there was a lonely little table toward the back--Mississippi State University. I literally felt bad for the man standing there. I approached him and began to listen to his speech on the school. But, I was so excited about every thing he was telling me. My heart skipped a few beats at the idea of getting a degree in Fashion and having all the fun in the world.

I remember being accepted. I remember the maroon and white packet arriving in the mail. I remember my very first trip to Starkville. I remember falling in love with the buildings, the dorms, the people. I remember being completely and totally torn between the two schools.

Looking back now, I see why I held on to SCAD for so long. I felt like I had no hope at being someone wonderful unless I got an education from them. I would cry myself to sleep thinking about how hard it would be to live that far away and completely devoting myself to the pursuit of art. I wasn’t ready for SCAD. But actually, maybe SCAD just wasn’t ready for me.
I’ve never been more happy with life. I truly can say that I’ve found a home at Mississippi State University. I’ve fallen in love with the clinging of a cowbell and the big white Delta Gamma house on sorority row. I’m doing so much and bettering myself and my future more and more every day. I look forward to walking to class every single day. I’m completely and totally in love with where I am and what I am doing.

College is a huge decision. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. But, maybe we shouldn’t be choosing it--maybe we should let it choose us.
I'd like to thank Brooke for doing this for me.
Remember to go check out her blog if you want more.
We have play all day today. Hopefully, We'll make it into play-offs.
(Side note well this was all written before I left...if I have internet expect updates if not on here then twitter for sure @meghandennis)
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