Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guest of Honor

Happy Wednesday.
Today has been a wonderfully stormy day.
I didn't have school.
And if Alan from WHNT says 'tornader' one more time I might scream.
But none of this is actually related to my post.
May 26th I leave for Atlanta for the NAQT HSNCT or Scholar's Bowl Nationals 2011.
I'm so excited to spend 5 days in Atlanta with my team.
Hopefully we will come home National Champs.
It would be very nice.
Now during this time, it's very unlikely I'll be able to post.
This is where you dear readers come in.
I would love love love love for ya'll to guest blog for me while I'm gone.

If anyone would be intersted then please let me know.
You can do one of a few things.
  1. Comment on here saying you'd like to blog and leave me some way of contact.
  2. Facebook Message Me.
If anyone would be willing to Guest Blog, please let me know.

And keep all those in the Tennesse Valley in your thoughts and Prayers today as we go through the next 12 hours.
Everyone stay safe!
Talk to you soon,

1 comment:

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