Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Loves

So this week....not the greatest.
In all honesty, I could make a better list of what I don't love.
It would include: stupid people, the ACT test and having my first wreck.
But since this is weekly LOVES. I'll share some of the loves of the week.
  • Emily and Brook. Two of the best senior best friends EVER! I'm going to miss them both SO SO SO much next year. Being a back row baptist will never be the same.
  • Seeing my "big brother" Nathan, I love when he decides to come home
  • Going to Huntsville with Mamaw and Aunt Janie. All we do is shop and eat and shop and eat. It's the greatest.
  • Surviving my first wreck.... Defiantly LOVE that!
  • Cadberry Eggs... yummy.
  • Blonde Purple Shirt Harry Potter (I love my team)
  • Dr. Evil Mungalo-Fluff
  • Do you smell gas? I smell gas? Is that you?.... It is you!
  • Pumpkin Faces (Emily is the bestest)

  • My new sandals
I have nothing to wear with the sandals but I just love them.

So maybe after all, while this week wasn't good by far. It wasn't that bad.
Remember comments make my day. Ya'll are the best.
Talk to you soon,