Friday, April 15, 2011

Mongomery 2011

So, this past Wednesday (with the exception of graduation) was the final MCYL meeting for MCYL class of 2010-2011.
It makes me so sad :(
But this was probably my favorite trip all year!
We went to Montgomery

MCYL 2010-2011

It was a very eventful day to say the least.
To begin with, the bus was half an hour late.
And then on the way down there, we had to make a detour Prattville Baptist Hospital.
Poor TAM had a nose bleed that lasted for over 45 minutes and it wouldn't stop.
So we had to leave her with the Arab Sponser at the Hospital until her parents could get there.
(She's fine now though!)
We finally got there though so that was good!
After a few group pictures

Riley, McKayla, Me and Nick

We went to the Judicial Building and toured it.
After that we walked by the State House where we saw the AEA Press Confrence
From there, we went to lunch.
We had quite a few Represitives and Senator Clay Scofield with us.
Destin, Josh, Kyle, Riley, Nick, Jonathan and Myself got to sit with Senator Scofield and it was very interesting.
Following that we went to the Capital Building.
I remember going in 4th Grade and let's just say, I think I learned a lot more then back then.
That about wrapped up our day and we headed home
I had a great day.
I wish I could do this whole year over again.
It was a blast.
I feel like it made me grow as a person and learn to be more outgoing.

Talk to you soon,


  1. We go next Thursday!! I hope I have a great time like your group did!! You looked really pretty, Meghan!

  2. I hope ya'll all have great time too! And thank you! I wasbt to sure about that dress when I first got it but I think its one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever wore. Thanks for reading! :)