Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Prep

So, ya'll have all seen my dream home once I'm rich and successful with a husband and children.
But before that?
Well let's say it won't be quite as elegant and more quirky.
Welcome to my little piece of heaven.
Walk down the hall way and you'll stumble onto

 The kitchen.
Hot Pink and all Girly. This room might be a little crazy, a little loud but always fun with great food.
Off of the kitchen would be the
The Dining Room.
Elegent and Soft.
A sharp contrast from the bright kitchen.
Also on the bottom floor would be the
The Living Room.
Perfect for entertaing friends.
Heading upstairs,
you'll find only a few rooms.
The Bedroom.
A beachy feel perfect for relaxing.
The closet that'll hold everything and anything.
Last but not least, the bathroom.

While, I doubt it'll ever happen, I really would love to have a house like this.
I'd love to hear what ya'll think.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Those colorful rooms brightened my day!! Where on earth did you find them?!

  2. I just googled and found most on google images