Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There Must Be Something In the Air

Because there seems to be a whole lot of stupid floating around and today its extra heavy. 

Aparently I took a trip back to niddle school with the amount of stupid drama that happened today. I got yelled at by someone I thought was a friend just because there was only one seat left at the table and he was saving it for his girlfriend. Now instead of asking me to move he starts screaming at me and making snide remarks. Then he plus a few others decide that what I did was so bad (because Heaven forbid I actually sit at lunch) They get up and make a big show of moving to another table so I'd be by myself. So mature isn't it?

Then my friend B came into 6th crying because her boyfriend was being mean and a gaint jerk. 

Lots of stupid in the air today. Lots. 
One of my favorite quotes sums it up perfectly:
"Youth Ages, Immatiurity is putgrown, Ignorance can be educated and drunkness sobered but  Stupid, stupid lasts forever." ~ Aristophanes

Thanks for letting me vent.
Ya'll are total Dolls!
Talk to you soon,

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