Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Loves

Another Week Done and Gone, Another Week of Loves
  • Make It or Break It Returns!
  • Rain, Rain, Rain
  • The fact that I can no longer listen to Ke$ha's Tik Tok without thinking of that Diary of a Wimpy Kid Commercial
  • "Church" aka Pre-cal....nothing Like being a back row baptist (Note though that pre-cal as in the class is the Devil)
  • The fact that possible just maybe my ipod software will download...maybe...
  • That even though we have Saturday School (thanks alot Marshall County School System) I won't be there.
  • Placing 1st at the CCA tornament!!!
  • Almost done with this ACT studying....Please Lord, let me get my 32 this time...
  • Spanish Honor Society Inductions Monday :)
  • State on Friday! :)
  • Driving down the road with the radio blasting
That about wraps it up.
Talk to you soon,

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