Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Books

So, I like to read.
It's a fact I don't try to hide.
I'm a big fan of series.
Some of my favorites include:

Harry Potter
by: J. K. Rowling
My favorite series of all time.
If you don't believe me, you can look here Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon

Pretty Little Liars
By: Sara Shepard
The Amazing Books that the Amazing show came from.
If you love the show....well the books are about a billion times better.

The Clique
by: Lisi Harrison
I started this series back in 6th grade when it fit the times much better.
As I've gotten older and the books haven't well...I read all 14 but no regrets that it's over.
Vampire Academy
by: Richelle Mead
I just adore these books!!
I love everything about books. It's action and romance and everything else you could think of.
I highly recomend.
Last but not least,
my lastest obsession:
The Hunger Games
By: Suzanne Collins.
I just started these books on Saturday.
I'm only on Catching Fire right now but so far, I'm very much enjoying.

Also I want to brag on myself, I began working on a dress for graduation in fashion class.
I started working last Monday and I'm almost done!
Except pictures soon.

Thanks for always reading!
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Talk to you soon,

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