Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Day....

One Day....after graduating from

The University of Alabama
and after I become

A Doctor

And after I've married
My Future Husband
 One day.... I'll live

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So a powerful job, a husband from old money, and the most beautiful house around... what could be left you ask?
Why kids of course.
First comes:

Emmett James
Emmett James. EJ. Em. Momma's Little man. Blonde hair with piercing green eyes. He will be just like his daddy, a football player, a baseball player, he'll drive a motorbike just to make his mother nervous but he'll dress to the nines in his Polo and Vineyard Vines. He'll follow in both his parents and grandparents footsteps and attend the University of Alabama with plans of going into Medicine like his mother.

Addison Marie
 Next, would come little Addi Marie. Dirty Blonde hair. Dark Blue eyes. She'll look and act just like her mother. She'll be the Princess, but not be scared of getting dirty and will spend her time cheering and at gymnastics if not at her brothers games. She'll become the perfect sorority girl. Pearls will be her passion. She'll wear Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer like its going out of style.


Everett Matthew
Named after his grandfather, Ev will be a total sweetheart. He'll be Momma's boy who loves basketball and baseball but will detest football and everything to go with it but that doesn't mean he wont get all dressed up to go to a U of A game. He'll do whatever he is told except cut his hair much to his grandmother's distaste.

One day..... I'll have my perfect family and perfect life. But for now... I'm living it day to day.

Talk to you soon,

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