Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prom 2011

So Prom 2011 was last night.
As much as I wanted to go, I ended up not.
I spent the whole day at Columbia at the 2011 NAQT State Tournament
DAR is now the over all 2011 State Co-Champs with Hoover High School
(Its a long story...)
We are also the 4A State Champs!
I got home at 5 and wasn't in a good mood.
I ended up falling asleep at 9 and didn't get up til 10 this morning besides waking up during the storms.
I kind of wish I had gone to Prom but its to late now
I'll just look at everyone's pictures and get over it.
There's always next year.
I hope everyone had a blast.

Talk to you soon,

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