Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its A Southern Life

It all started in Fashion Class... I was bored and went over to the magazine rack and picked up a couple of home magazines and began flipping. The ideas became to grow and I started to imagine my perfect dream house.
SO without further rambling, let me you welcome you to my humble abode.
My Beautiful Plantation. I'm a true southern belle and can not imagine living in a dream house that didn't have three stories and a wrap-around porch. I've always been more of a brick person but I could easily handle living in this beauty.

This would be the view from the front porch before you enter the home where you would find....

The Foyer
 A Grand staircase with classic marble floors. On the right you would find....

The Parlor
Used only for company, formal parties and the big Christmas tree.

The Dining Room
Off on the left of the Foyer, you would find the dining room. Perfect for the family Christmas Dinner, Office Parties and always to be used for dinner. But never for breakfast or lunch.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen. It will be one of the favorite room in the house. The boys will run through, after dropping off their sport clothing in the mud room,  just to grab the fresh baked cookies. Then my little girl will come through to sit and help "Mummy" with dinner by sitting on one of those stools and telling me all about her day.
Sun Porch
This shall be my room. It will be where the girls and I sit to chat over a cup of fresh lemonade or sweet tea. It will also be the place where I get do my sewing and designing when I have the free time.

Also off the kitchen leading to the garage would be:

The Mud Room
This is a room that would be worth doing laundry in.
The Study
On the hall going from the parlor you will find this area. This shall be my husband's domain. Plans say I'll marry a doctor, lawyer or CEO. Something that will require a big office when he works long evenings. Those fabulous sofas you see? They will be for important clients that just must come by the house and the place our kids will be the most afraid off for it will be the only place they go when Daddy must intervene in punishment.

On down and around the corner, you will find a closed door. Very very few people will ever enter this domain and what is this place you ask?
The Master Bedroom
The design I love. The colors, not so much. I would have to add some yellow in there and a more teal to the blue but besides that, this place would be a heaven on earth.

The Master Bathroom
The floors are to die for and thanks to the heating tiles underneath your feet will never be cold. The bathtub is beautiful but odds say I'll probably not get to use it as much as I like what with children and a wonderful career as a doctor.

The Closet.
The most important room in the house. It will hold all my world finds and impulse buys. Oh and maybe my husband will have a little bit of space.

Finally, we will make our way upstairs.
Coming upstairs
If you take the left you will find two rooms.
Family Room
A big mismatch of different furniture and a roaring fireplace will have everyone coming to this room. It will be where we all spend our Saturdays when not attending the Alabama games. It will also be home to family movies nights on Sundays before bed.

Next to that one would find the only room to actually be also be on the 3rd floor.

The Library
 This picture is obviously taken from the 3rd floor balcony but as you can tell, this room will hold tons and tons of books. From the leather copy of Gray's Anatomy and the volumes of Jane Austen and Shakespeare but also the children's books and a whole section devoted to the works of Harry Potter.

Circling back around to the other side of the stairs, one would come upon the bedrooms.

First you'd come to one of the guest rooms:

Mother and Daddy's Room
This room would be only for the time when Momma and Daddy came to visit or when the in-laws came to town. Any other over-night guest would live in

Guest Room
A one of a kind vacation spot.

Next on the list would be:
Emmett James' Room
My Little Man. This would be his room. It would have a door leading out to the wrap-around balcony and he would have a desk in the same wood as his bed. His closet would be a full walk-in but he wouldn't care as Momma dresses him in khakis, plaid shorts and Polo's daily.

Following that would be:

Boy's Bathroom
The Bathroom would be just fun and happy. And this sink is just to die for.
Girl's Bathroom
This would be the perfect place for my little girl to get ready for the day. The bathtub is so cute and would be perfect for a bubble bath after a long day.

Addison Marie's Room

The perfect room for the perfect little girl. Addi would of course would only have one bed - a big full one-
but it would have this color scheme. And never, ever would she be allowed to paint over those beautiful hand-painted flowers.

Addi's Closet
Like Mother Like Daughter.

The Back Porch
Every one of the upstairs bedrooms would have a door leading out to this beautiful porch. A perfect place to look out and enjoy the sunset on the water.

Its fun to dream. One day, hopefully this will be real.

Talk to you soon,

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