Friday, March 25, 2011

People of Walmart

In Scottsboro, Alabama there is really only one place to get everything.
This place?
Walmart of course.
Every time I go in there (which seems to be at least once a week)
I run into someone I know or my mother knows
For example, just tonight when my mother, my brother and I were going to get sandwichs for State tomorrow (when we went to this school earlier this year I didn't get food-not happening this time),
As we were going in, we ran into Mrs. Shirley that my mother use to work with at the bank
Then Momma and I went over to the fabrics because I wanted to look for some as I have plans of making a dress very soon, we ran into Ciara who looked like she was on some type of mission.
As we were leaving, we ran into this little boy who's in 1st grade in my Aunt Jane's class out at Nelson. His name is Dominque and he is such a cute little kid.

It never fells, after Facebook, Walmart is the social center of Scottsboro.
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Talk to you soon,

OH!, by the way, just to share, the DAR scholar's bowl team had a tournament at Snead today - we finished 2nd! (We lost on the very last made me sad, but I'm still very proud of my team!)


  1. I was on a mission!! To get double sided fabric tape! And I found it.. Wooo!

  2. Haha, I figured it was soething like that- Have a great day at Prom!