Sunday, August 29, 2010

"We look like aliens", "Ninja!" and First Team in the Nation qualified for nationals? Why yes yes we are!

What a weekend, what a weekend.
So first pep rally of the season was friday... it sucked.... but at least we Juniors know how to rock our red! WOOO!!!! C/O 2012! :) Also, Friday was the first football game. we lost... pretty bad.... but the danceline preformed for the first time and while it was no where near perfect it wasnt horrible.
Saturday we hosted the first scholar's bowl tourny of the year! We finished fourth and due to such a high finish at last year's nationals we became the 1st team in the Nation to qualify for the 2011 NAQT National Tournament!!!!!!!!! :) Also i learned of a new game. It's called ninja. Calhoun kids are a bit strange. just sayin'. And Skylar Shae is a hustla. yep true story. Well that's all i have to say about that...

"The Path of a winner is usually the hardest but it's also the one with the greatest reward. " Matthew Dennis (Daddy)

Talk to you soon,

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