Monday, February 28, 2011


What's the HYPE! you ask? To quote from the website "HYPE is a new podcast from Andrew Sims and Ben Schoen where they discuss what’s receiving hype in the world right now.  Simple as that!  The show is produced and recorded differently than their other podcasts.  This show is recorded in one room and does not undergo any editing!"
Its also my new FAVORITE podcast! Its one of the most hilarious things since like ever! Its bi-weekly right now but hopefully going to weekly soon! :) the guys (Andrew and Ben) talk about EVERYTHING! From The Beibs to Lady Gaga. From The Superbowl to the Oscars. And let us not forget the iPad love and the youtube crap! I have to say if thete was ever a more perfect thing to do late on a Sunday Night with school the next morning listening to HYPE! is very high up there.

Well I got some scholar's bowl + ACT studying to do!
Talk to you soon,

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