Friday, June 24, 2011

Southern Belle Secrets

Being Southern is a gift of God.
Being a Southern Belle takes a little work.
For that, I share with you the Southern Belle Secrets.

(The Secrets are in Green, My thoughts on it in Pink, if you don't see pink it means I agree and having nothing else to say.)

Southern Belle Secret #1: The Only Reason You go to college is to get your MRS degree. I personally don't agree with this but I do know this is how it's done and really there isn't a more perfect place to find your future mate.

Southern Belle Secret #2: Ya'll. So much classier then you guys or you all or anything of the such.

Southern Belle Secret #3: You go to college, you join a sorority, you find a husband, you become a housewife, you have children, daughters repeat cycle. Sounds like a perfect plan.

Southern Belle Secret #4: You're dying to be a KA's date to formal just to wear the dress. Honey, if you don't get it, you never will. 

Southern Belle Secret # 5: You can tell if a girl has class by the thickness of her eyebrows. 

Southern Belle Secret #6: You can't imagen living anywhere but the bible belt

Southern Belle Secret #7: We like our food spicy and our gossip spicier. 

Southern Belle Secret #8: We dress in our Sunday best for our SEC football games

Southern Belle Secret #9: Be a Jackie, not a Marilyn. Classy not trashy.

Southern Belle Secret #10: Pearls are everyday wear. 

Southern Belle Secret #11: SEC Football is your life.

Southern Belle Secret #12: Fry everything, regret nothing. The Southern version of  carpe diem?

Southern Belle Secret # 3: Tornadoes are just an excuse to get out of school or work early. 

Southern Belle Secret #14: We can recognize you as an Alum or a sidewalk fan at just a glance. But only if Momma trained you right.

Southern Belle Secret #15: Asking for a Coke doesn't mean a coca-cola. Always ask what kind.

Southern Belle Secret #16: You monogram Everything. 

Southern Belle Secret #17:  You believe if you can be ready to leave the house in 30 minutes, you probably shouldn't be leaving the house anyways. I think my mother needs to read this one to understand me better. 

Southern Belle Secret #18: Act Helpless and confused when it's to your advantage, never let them know how truly  clever and capable you are. 

Southern Belle Secret #19: Manners are NOT optional.

Southern Belle Secret #20: We know all the words to Sweet Home Alabama  just like we know the Lord's Prayer.

Southern Belle Secret #21: You always want to look and feel Classy. You don't want to come off as trailer trash. Although class and grace is normally born with you, very few gain it along the way.

Southern Belle Secret #22: Our parents are always Momma and Daddy, never Mom and Dad

And now a few that relate just to us Bama Belles.

Bama Belle Secret #1: Sweet Home Alabama

Bama Belle Secret #2: When choosing between the University of Alabama and auburn university, choose wisely, it can make or break you in the future. And no you can not be both.

Bama Belle Secret #3: Roll Tide Forever!

This made me sound a little stuck up and witchy.
Oh well.
I'd love to hear your takes on the Southern Belle Secrets.

Talk to you soon,


  1. I may not be from the South, but I love this! Secret #9 reminds me of a book I have called "How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World: The Art of Living with Style, Class, and Grace" by Jordan Christy- you would absolutely love it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hannah, something tells me if we ever met we'd be pretty good friends. As funny as this is, I actually ordered that book just yesterday.