Monday, June 4, 2012

Bama Bound

Hi Loves!
So it's been a little while. Hope y'all are doing fabulous.
I'm peachy keen, jelly bean.
Last week I went to Tuscaloosa for Bama Bound.
It was a very long 2 days.
The first day were spent in and out of different activities which included getting my ACT card and taking pictures with Big Al.

And then that night, REXPO at the Rec where I rock climbed and then played Battleship.
Don't know what battleship is?
Watch this.
It wasn't near as intense as the video shows but it was so much fun.
and I also got to see where my dorm room will be next year!!

Friday was a lot more important as that was the day we registered for classes.
I got exactly what I wanted.

I'm a happy little princess 
I had a great time.

Also, just in case you were wondering, I turn 18 in 10 Days!
You know if you wanted to get me a present.

When life gets interesting, I'll let you know.

Talk to you soon,

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