Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dead Week

Hello my fabulous, beautiful readers!
My last week of high school is fast approaching which can only mean one thing.
Or better labeled
AP Week.
AP Chem Monday
AP Calc Wednesday
AP English Lit Thursday
and the following Monday, AP Bio.
Somehow, I'll make it through.

13 Days, 11 Hours and counting.
I move in 96 Days!

Speaking of which,
I've noticed an increase of visitors to my Alabama Recap post.
I'm so glad to know there's other fabulous Bama fans out there.
Roll Tide.
As I prepare for my move to Tuscaloosa where I'll call Ridgecrest South North Tower 506 home, except lots of updates on UA.

But til then, I'll just prepare for my last week.

Talk to you soon,

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