Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alabama Recap

Hello Lovelies!
I hope everyone's weekend is going swell.
As I told ya'll about, yesterday I headed to Tuscaloosa to (yet again) visit the University of Alabama
We started our day with an information session at 11:30.
Most of the stuff I had already known but I did find out that Freshman Applications are coming out July 6th instead of yesterday July 1st.
After the information session, we were taken out to lunch at the Ferguson Center.
The Ferg Plaza
After lunch, we headed across campus to the science and engineering building with a meet with one of the professors.
That was...interesting...

Following that we headed to Nott Hall to meet with Allison Verhine at the Honors College.
This was my second time to meet her and I absolutely adore her. She is such a friendly person.
Following that, Momma stopped us to take a few pictures on the Quad.
 Ryland and Daddy
 Outside Gorgas Library
 Ryland and I outside Gorgas

 Outside Denny Chimes

 Daddy and Ryland
 I think the look on our faces shows our relationship real well
Bryant-Denny Stadium

After we finished on the Quad, we headed down to Ridgecrest South to tour a dorm room.
That's the link for the floor plan of the rooms.
They're set up in an apartment style.
Front of Ridgecrest

 The "living room" inside the dorm room
 Kitchenette with full fridge, microwave and sink included in all rooms.
Plus a full kitchen with stove on each floor
 Large bathroom with a nice size storage
 Vanity with 2 sets of 3 drawers and a medicine cabinet not shown.
(Excuse me looking like a hot mess, as always it was about a billion and a half with 5000% humidity in Tuscaloosa and well...)
 One of the four bedrooms in the dorm room
 And again. Each room features a bed, a dresser and a desk with chair
And the closet which was actually a very nice size.

Could this be my home sweet home?
Well, I'm leaning towards yes.
What do ya'll think?

Talk to you soon,

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