Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graduation Recap

Hi Dolls!
So, as of Saturday, I am a graduate of Kate Duncan Smith DAR High School!
It still doesn't seem real.
It probably wont for awhile.
But til that happens, I'll share some pictures.
The Kate Duncan Smith DAR High School Graduating Class of 2012
Throwing our caps
Haley and Myself.
Macy and Me. Best Friend since birth
Mommy and Me
Daddy, Ryland, Me and Mommy
Uncle Russ came all the way from Florida for my graduation!
Daddy, Aunt Valerie, Me, Aunt Trisha and Ryland
Joseph and Myself
Mackayla and Me
Skylar and Myself
I love my Daddy
My "big brother" Nathan. (he's not my real brother but he might as well be)

Yesterday I went to Ryland's Awards Day and Now Momma has 2 Freshmen
I'm so proud!

I also went to my best friend, Macy's graduation yesterday evening.
From pre-school to graduation, we'll be best friends for the rest of our life.

Next week, I head to Tuscaloosa for Orientation.
One chapter has closed  but another is about to begin.

Talk to you soon,

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