Monday, September 5, 2011

Is It Raining at your House Like it's Raining at Mine?

Happy Monday evening everyone!
I hope everyone has a grand labor day.
Here in the Valley, it has been raining cats and dogs thanks to Tropical Storm Lee
Like 4 plus inches already and another 4-6 overnight.
Downtown Scottsboro has been closed off for flooding.
(Neither of the pictures are mine but to put it simple, I've never had a pool but there might be a God made one out back now)
So my day has been spent inside doing homework and studying for the ACT.
Oh and lots and lots and lots of time on Pinterest. I'm obsessed.
Like crazy bad obsessed.
Personally, I'm hoping maybe school will delayed in the morning.
It probably wont happen but a girl can dream.

Stay safe, stay dry and have a great week!
Talk to you soon,

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