Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Magic of Childhood

Fact: Both my parents work in education.
My father teaches high school potions, (i.e. chemistry) at DAR.
and my mother works at my old elementary school as bookkeeper and secretary.
Yesterday, I was out at school with my Momma when she had a new kid come in to in roll.
He's name was Ethan and he's almost 5.
He was absolutely adorable.
I took him around the school to show him everything 
and it reminded me of  how simple everything use to be.
Everything amazed Ethan and he wanted to know about everything and anything.
To quote the little boy, "When I start school, I'll be a grown up."
So I'm challenging you to try to find that childhood innocence in this upcoming year and remember how wonderful and amazing and new everything once was.

Talk to you soon,

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