Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Weeks and Counting...

5 Weeks.
36 Days, 6 Hours, 28 Minutes.
That's how long is left of my summer.
Which is sad.
But also, it's very exciting,
because that means I'm that close to SENIOR YEAR!
And boy does senior year feel close.
Next Wednesday, I have my senior pictures.
This past Wednesday, I applied to the University of Alabama and once I go up to school to get my transcripts sent, I should be excepted.
I go to visit Ole Miss in just a week.
And to top it all of there's only 314 Days, 11 Hours and 25 minutes until my Graduation.
This is nuts.
But so so so exciting!
I hope you're all here to join me on this journey.

Talk  to you soon,

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  1. I can't believe we're gonna be SENIORS!!! It's so exciting but kinda sad at the same time. I remember just starting high school like it was yesterday. When people told me that my high school years would fly by I did NOT believe them. However, I've come to realize how right they truly were. This last year is gonna FLY by too which is very bittersweet but that means that we get to start a whole new chapter in our lives which is pretty scary but a little exciting. lol!! We've been besties since preschool and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch over the years!! I love you soo very much girl and I hope that your SENIOR YEAR is the best one ever =) -Macy