Friday, October 7, 2011

We Got Spirit Yes We Do! We Got Spirit! How 'Bout You?

Hello Gals and Gents!
I hope everyone has had an AMAZING WEEK!!!
I know mine has been!
As I previously reported it was Homecoming Week for the DAR Patriots!
Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Hippy Day but I did for Thursday and Friday

So Thursday was Disney Day.
The Cast of Toy Story Showed Up.
From left to Right: Jesse (Mackayla), Woody (Joe), Andy (Mrs. Cooper), Buzz (Nick), Hamm (Me) and Mrs. Potato Head (Skylar)

Fighting over space in the toy box.

Rex (Jana) finally showed up

Completely typical for both of them. 
Love these two.

Following school we had the homecoming parade
Senior Homecoming Float right there.
So that was Thursday.

Now let's talk about Friday!!!
The Senior Class met at 6:30 this morning to decorate the Senior Hallway

Love ya'll to pieces!
Senior Sign

Lunch was its normal peppy fun
 Adore these two girls!
 Typical Mackayla
 Typical Haley.
 Nick is a Diva
Love this girl!

This afternoon, 8th period, we had our last high school homecoming pep rally
Needless to say we went out with a bang
 Roughly 100 of the 130 Seniors crammed into a very tiny hallway waiting for our blackout rave
 The juniors thought they'd be cute and take our spots while we held our senior rave in the middle of the court.
Didn't happen.
But we still made signs.
Even though you can't tell mine had polka dots.
It was cute.
 This was Joe in the ugly walk. I really wish this was a better picture

The word that we lost the football game just came in.
I'm not suprised.
I still love my school and my senior class!
As soon as I find a video of our blackout rave, I'll post that.
I'm off to Tuscaloosa tomorrow for the game so as always I'll

Talk to you soon,

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