Sunday, January 23, 2011

Its A Four Little Word that Means So Much

In 9 weeks! I am so so so so excited! Mother and I went to Something Blue too store in Hartselle today and while we found some pretty dresses the price tag was not and not one screamed buy me, but we did leave with some good ideas. On the way back to good ol' Scottsboro, we stopped in Huntsville and went in Dillards. In there i found a couple of dresses to try on. There was one that was just AMAZING! I fell in love. I know have my perfect prom dress- but no pictures til Prom- I want the world to be suprised. ;)

Prom Checklist
1. Dress- check
2. Date- Check
3. Best Friends Going- Check
4. Hair style- - check
5. Shoes- um not yet

The Perfect Prom is only 9 weeks away!

Talk to you soon,

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