Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, today was a day of dissapointment. First we had Continental Congress Interviews, I felt ok about it but unfortunatly, I was not choosen to represent the school at the 120th Continental Congress. And while I wasnt happy about it I was ok with it as it now means I can apply to the Rural Health Pre-Med Summer Program at the University of Alabama. It's a 5 week health program where you live on campus and take two college classes (chemistry and creative writing 2! of my favorites!) so hopefully that will come through.
But anyways, back to my story of today. We had finished interviews and had found out the winners (congrats to McKayla Edmonds and Joseph White) and I was back in Daddy's room checking my phone. That was when I got the dreaded text message saying that my wonderful prom date that was Brandon no longer felt the need to go to prom with me and instead would be going to his own instead. I am still very upset. but as my daddy says,

"You got to suck it up and drive on"

Talk to you soon,

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